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Caregivers Policies and Procedures

Important Policies

In compliance with the “Supports and Services to Promote the Social Inclusion of Persons with Developmental Disabilities Act” WDDS is required on a yearly basis to ensure that all families of people supported have reviewed the following listed below.


Policy Policy Document Description
Mission, Vision and Values

View WDDS Mission, Vision and Values

Woodstock and District Developmental Services Mission, Vision and Values document
Complaints Policy

View WDDS Complaints Policy

As we work together there will be occasions when differences arise. Informal resolution of these differences between people is encouraged, however at times this process may not be effective. WDDS supports the formal/informal expression of complaints and grievances by people using services and key stakeholders and utilizes them to improve the quality of service.
Rights Policy

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WDDS provides supports and services to people who have a developmental disability and therefore are vulnerable. The agency is responsible for ensuring that people receiving support are aware of their rights and responsibilities and that their rights are upheld.
Abuse Policy

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All employees, volunteers, and board members of WDDS who have direct contact with persons with disabilities will receive training on the abuse policy and demonstrate an awareness of what steps to take when reporting abuse.