What We Do

A community where everybody belongs

Day Services

WDDS offers a variety of day services that assist and support each person to develop their unique skills and personal networks to enable
them to be participating members of the community. The day services help to provide a meaningful day for the participants
and are carried out according to the person’s needs in a relaxing, stimulating and inviting atmosphere.

Options Learning Centre

The Options Learning Center provides adults the opportunity to choose courses related to their personal
goals and interests. Learners may choose courses that fall under four foundations of learning: employment, personal development,
life skills and essential skills.

Course registration is offered three times a year providing people opportunity to shift their learning focus or move on to next
steps in their learning. Registration meetings are held every April, August and December. Options offers over 45 courses, each
course encourages an interactive learning environment that is both fun and flexible ensuring all learners have the opportunity
to meet achievable goals.

Course registrations are posted on our website each session.

If you are interested, please contact

us at 519-539-7447 ext: 251



The Leisure Program provides leisure and social opportunities for adults. People may choose from a variety of community based activities based on their personal preferences. Community experiences include but are not limited to yoga, Zumba, adaptive fitness sessions, senior centre activities and bowling. The program also offers on-site experiences such as music, sensory exploration, creative arts, wellness activities and cooking. Our leisure area includes a sensory room offering people an opportunity to enjoy sensory experiences.


WDDS is committed to ensuring people with communication barriers have the necessary tools and strategies to live, work and connect with others in their community. As such, we have a dedicated team to assist people with their communication needs.

  • The team provides training for supports to ensure they have a good understanding of how to best support a person’s communication needs.
  • The team offers coaching to assist people in learning how to use their devices/tools.
  • The team provides support for people who use low tech devices, including programming, updating and maintenance.
  • The team creates visual supports as directed by the person.
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