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WDDS offers employment supports to assist people living with a disability to become contributing members of the business community through part time or full time employment.

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Supporting Companies with Their Recruitment Needs

WDDS looks to partner with small businesses and companies transitioning their organization to an equal opportunity workplace.

Supported Employment

The people employed by our Social Enterprises are trained and supervised by WDDS staff. These men and women receive comprehensive training in job tasks, health and safety, safe food handling and customer service. Our Social Enterprise employees take great pride in the work they carry out, they value their customers, and they aren’t happy until you are.

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Yard Basics

Yard Basics has provided lawn and garden care services to area businesses and property owners for over 10 years.


Taste of Woodstock

Taste of Woodstock Catering is a catering business that has been serving local customers since 2007.


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