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WDDS offers a variety of day services that assist and support each person to develop their unique skills and personal networks to enable them to be participating members of the community. The day services help to provide a meaningful day for the participants and are carried out according to the person’s needs in a relaxing, stimulating and inviting atmosphere.

Options Learning Centre

The Options Learning Centre provides adults the opportunity to choose courses as they directly relate to their personal goals and interests

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The Leisure Program provides leisure and social opportunities for adults. People may choose from a variety of community-based activities based on their personal preferences.

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WDDS is committed to ensuring people with communication barriers have the necessary tools and strategies to live, work and connect with others in their community.

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WDDS enables people to be as independent as possible and to live and participate, to their fullest extent,
in the life of their community. There are variable levels of supports provided in different environments, dependent
on individual needs and abilities. Learning opportunities include areas such as self-care, household management,
social skills and community awareness.

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Group Living Support is provided to two or more people living together, requiring up to twenty- four hour staff support.

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SIL supports are an option for people who have the skills to live independently in the community and may only require assistance on an intermittent or as requested basis.

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The Transitional Living Program offers assessments and training in the areas of life skills for young people who are moving out of their family home.

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